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Type X™ EVO 8.5 INCH Filter Lens | Amber

KWD 7.000

  • 1 x Type-X EVO Black Out Cover (user defined)

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The iconic black covers have also received a next-generation improvement with tactility in mind. Much like the 3D primary lens, the black cover also draws shadow inspiration albeit with a sharper noticeable edge creating light symphony on its piano black appearance.

type x evo orange ring s 4 1.jpg?ixlib=imgixjs 3.4


Upon further inspection, you’ll also observe the STEDI™ logo has been embossed onto the cover, keeping the multi-dimensional theme consistent throughout.

type x evo y62 1.jpg?ixlib=imgixjs 3.4


With most states in Australia limiting any auxiliary lights to a maximum of 4 forward-facing lights, exceeding this number can render the car to be uncompliant with ADR. When you have exceeded this maximum, covering any exceeding lights with blackout covers whilst driving on public roads will label them as not in use, therefore they are not considered in the overall count.

Replacement cover for STEDI™ Type X EVO Driving Lights

Available in the following styles:

  • Smiley
  • STEDI Logo
  • Transparent Blue
  • Transparent Orange

Please Note: These covers are specifically designed to fit the STEDI Type X Evo LED Spot Lights ONLY

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