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Type X™ EVO 8.5 INCH Colour Fascia | Carbon Fiber

KWD 5.000

  • 1 x STEDI TYPE-X Pro Colour Rings
  • 24-month warranty protection

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If you look closely at TYPE-X™ EVO’s silhouette and bezel depth, you will draw some familiarity with modern-age vehicle grilles. The metallic edge and smooth angular transitions form the very basis of our design. Our new TYPE-X™ EVO color fascias in·herit the basis of modern shaped LED lighting.

Upon opening your TYPE-X™ EVO, you will be supplied with the signature STEDI orange and silver fascia. However, we know our customers love customization, so we decided to continue the trend from TYPE-X™ PRO to our newest driving light; an array of beautiful metallic finished fascias. Select between grey, red, green, pink, orange, and a blue metallic finish with more to come in the near future.

Timeless design meets timeless fitment. TYPE-X™ EVO offers a more simplistic tool-less fitment solution. Say goodbye to screws and hello to snap-fit solution.

Our Colour Fascias offer customization to your Type X™ EVO adding the desired accent of color through a deep, metalized finish bringing together the color theme from the rest of the vehicle.

Please note: The Colour Fascias will only suit Type X™ EVO and NOT any other light in the Type X™ range.

Available colors:

  • Green
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Carbon Fiber

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