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MAXTRAX Xtreme Flat Rack Mount

KWD 33.000

MAXTRAX Flat Rack Mount with T-Bolt and Xtreme MPS 17mm

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The MAXTRAX Flat Rack Mount is designed to mount to your MAXTRAX to your vehicle’s roof platform or roof rack crossbars.  The MAXTRAX Flat Rack Mount can securely attach up to four MAXTRAX MKII (MTXMPS17), 4 MAXTRAX XTREME (MTXXMPS17), or a pair of each (MTXMPSX17).
The MAXTRAX Flat Rack Mount provides 180mm of closer adjustment or 180mm of further apart adjustment from the mounting point of the Flat Racks.
The package includes the following components:
• 2 x Part A: Glass filled Nylon Flat brackets featuring MAXTRAX logo
•  4 x Part B: Stainless Steel M8 T-Bolts, flat washers and Nyloc nuts; (T-Bolt: 35mm x 20mm x 4.5mm, M8 x 20mm)
• 1 x Part C: MAXTRAX Mounting Pins 17mm (XTREME – MTXXMPS17)
Note: The Frontrunner Slimline and Slimsport Roof Platform will require 4 x M8 Bolts.  Other Roof Rack Brands may require extra mounting harware available from a Specialist Roof Rack supplier.

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Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 34 × 35 × 5 cm