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LC200 2008-2015 OEM Winch Mount

KWD 129.000

LC200 2008-2015 OEM Winch Mount

AFN4X4 been assembling and producing accessories for 4×4 vehicles since 1995. They have come to diversify our range of products in order to satisfy all needs, such as, aesthetic and protection accessories.

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AFN is a Portuguese company that has been developing and manufacturing products in the automotive sector both nationally and internationally, for more than 20 years. With a large range of products to protect off-road vehicles, our company has gained vast know-how in the metal-mechanical industry.

AFN’s history of providing specialist vehicle protection equipment to armed forces and United Nations, means we’ve acquired a deep technical knowledge, with this knowledge we’ve been able to expand into different markets. The main business focus is in the production of off-road vehicles and off-road vehicles products across numerous areas from government to privet sectors.

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  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2008
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2009
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2010
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2011
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2012
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2013
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2014
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2015
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