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KWD 99.000

Rated Recovery Points that can safely withstand and distribute the loads of a recovery.

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Recovery is an inevitability when four wheel driving. You need rated recovery points that can safely withstand and distribute the loads of a recovery – which is something stock tow points aren’t designed to do.
Ironman 4×4 has created recovery points that are both rated and designed to be fitted (and sold) in pairs, allowing an equalisation strap to be used and provide multiple attachment points during a recovery.
Powder coated red for ease of identification – especially when covered in dirt and mud, Ironman 4×4 recovery points are perfect for winching and snatch recoveries.
With holes to suit a 4.75t shackle, hooking up is simple and compatible with your standard recovery kit.
Fits with Ironman 4×4 bull bar.
Quantity Required 1
Notes Working Load Limit 3,500kg

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  • Suzuki, Jimny 2 Door, 2018
  • Suzuki, Jimny 2 Door, 2019
  • Suzuki, Jimny 2 Door, 2020
  • Suzuki, Jimny 2 Door, 2021
  • Suzuki, Jimny 2 Door, 2022
  • Suzuki, Jimny 2 Door, 2023
  • Suzuki, Jimny 2 Door, 2024
  • Suzuki, Jimny 4 Door, 2024