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KWD 165.000

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Installing a Drawer System in the cargo area of a vehicle raises floor loading; a protection barrier should be installed to provide occupant safety. 4WD Interiors Half Barrier has been Crash-tested and complies with AS/ NZS4034.2: 2002 to a rated capacity of 60 kg- single mass. Most installations require no drilling: Top mountings fasten to existing boltholes; barrier fastens to bottom mountings using highly visible “red dot” hand bolts. *Drilling is required for LandCruiser Troop Carrier & Standard model LandCruiser 100 & 80 Series. *LandCruiser 200GX models barrier bottom mount points must be installed before roller drawer unit installation. Our unique top mount nylon grip brake assembly and bottom mount secondary impact brackets absorb impact and inertia.

Fitment to drawer units other than 4WD Interiors & ARB roller drawer systems will void all ADR safety ratings, warranties, returns and customer support. This results in barrier not being compliant and could cause possible injury or death. We do not recommend fitting our barriers to different company drawers systems and fitting them to said drawers is at your own responsibility.

Top Mount Nylon Grip Brake Assembly
Nylon Grip Brake Assembly takes up first inertia; serrations slows secondary inertia.

Easy Remove/Highly Visable Red Dot Hand Bolts
Red Dot Hand Bolts fasten barrier to top and bottom mountings

Bottom Mount Secondary Impact Brackets
Bottom mount brackets take up first inertia; secondary impact bracket slows second inertia.

Barrier Removal
Easy reomval and storage for that unexpected long load; No tools required! Simply undo the dot hand bolts, fold rear seats down and store barrier in front of folded seats.

60kg Rating
Crash-tested to AS/NZS 4034.2:2001 Partial Cargo Barriers for 60kg capacity.

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Weight 12.40 kg
Dimensions 150 × 81 × 10.5 cm

  • Nissan, Patrol Y62, 2010
  • Nissan, Patrol Y62, 2011
  • Nissan, Patrol Y62, 2012
  • Nissan, Patrol Y62, 2013
  • Nissan, Patrol Y62, 2014
  • Nissan, Patrol Y62, 2015
  • Nissan, Patrol Y62, 2016
  • Nissan, Patrol Y62, 2017
  • Nissan, Patrol Y62, 2018
  • Nissan, Patrol Y62, 2019
  • Nissan, Patrol Y62, 2020
  • Nissan, Patrol Y62, 2021
  • Nissan, Patrol Y62, 2022
  • Nissan, Patrol Y62, 2023