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KWD 455.000

4WD Interiors first produced vehicular drawer fixed systems in 1989. In 1990 4×4 Australia magazine featured the new drawer fixed system in its magazine and gave it the sort of product endorsement rarely given.

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1 × LC200 WING KIT

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Product features:

  • Grab Handle Slam Latches – These Slam Latches are a joy to use and are purpose designed and engineered by us to last a lifetime. Key lockable – Pull to open – Push to close.
  • Side Bearings – Side bearings prevent any side to side movement when opening and closing drawers and ensuring “true track” rolling.
  • Roller Floor “Lever Action” Slam Latch – The Roller Floor Slam Latch is purpose designed and engineered by us for ease of use. Push to side. Roll out. Slam shut.
  • Roller Drawer “Anti-Rattle” Side Guides – Provide smooth “true track” rolling when opening and closing Roller Floor. When closed, prevents any side to side or up and down movement.
  • Roller Drawer “Anti Roll Back” – The purpose designed anti roll back mechanism holds the Drawer in open position when loading and unloading; pull back to release – roll shut
  • Roller Floor “Anti Roll Back” – The purpose designed anti roll back mechanism holds the Roller Floor in open position; pull back to release – roll shut.
  • Safety Hand Gap – The Safety Hand Gap avoids unnecessary injury if you, children or anybody else should accidently place fingers, a hand or hands on top of the drawer fixed when closing.
  • Stainless Steel Drawer & Roller Floor Runners – Non Corrosive stainless steel Drawer and Roller Floor runners provides smooth effortless rolling when opening and closing Drawers or Roller Floor.
  • Full Side Access – The rear half of the Side Contour Floor is removable giving full access to wheel arch storage area.
  • Drawer Dividers – Two (2) Drawer Dividers are supplied with each unit- one for each drawer. Others are available on request.
  • Fold Down Anchor Points – Set of four (4) anchor points are supplied with Roller Floor option for fastening fridge or tool boxes to Roller Floor. Others are available on request.
  • 6mm Thick Hard Wearing Industrial Carpet – Guaranteed 100% UV stabilized, resistant to rot, mildew, will not tear, fray or fibres break down due to ultra violet rays.
  • Child Restraint Anchor Points – Pre-installed in front panel behind rear seat for Wagon type Drawer Systems

Please note:

– Child Restraints(2) are pre-installed in 850 Series & 950 Series Modules (4WD Wagons excl Defenders).
– Outback Roller Drawer fixed have been Crash-tested and Comply to ADR42/03 (General Safety Requirements).
– Tub liners need to be removed from Dual Cabs & Extra Cabs.

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  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2008
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2009
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2010
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2011
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2012
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2013
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2014
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2016
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2017
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2018
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2019
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2020
  • Toyota, Land Cruiser 200, 2021
  • Lexus, LX570, 2008
  • Lexus, LX570, 2009
  • Lexus, LX570, 2010
  • Lexus, LX570, 2011
  • Lexus, LX570, 2012
  • Lexus, LX570, 2013
  • Lexus, LX570, 2014
  • Lexus, LX570, 2015