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KWD 139.000

Tow bars designed to maximize clearance ensuring that off-road performance isn’t hindered.

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Ironman 4×4 has designed and developed tow bars to suit 4x4s, maximizing clearance to ensure that off-road performance isn’t hindered and are
designed to work with the original bumper.
Ironman 4×4’s new range of tow bars feature a square tube design, 3.5T rating, ADR compliance and are powdercoated black.
All Ironman 4×4 tow bars come with an included 50mm tow ball and tongue and a 3.5T rating, ensuring you’re setup and ready to tow.

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  • Toyota, Hilux, 2020
  • Toyota, Hilux, 2019
  • Toyota, Hilux, 2018
  • Toyota, Hilux, 2017
  • Toyota, Hilux, 2016
  • Toyota, Hilux, 2015
  • Toyota, Hilux, 2021
  • Toyota, Hilux, 2022
  • Toyota, Hilux, 2023
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