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FJ/GX470/4Runner KING 2.5″ SHOCKS KIT

KWD 990.000

FJ/GX470/4Runner KING 2.5″ SHOCKS KIT
1 × 25001-133A Front FJ Performance Shocks Kits (Pair)

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KWD 592.000
FJ/GX470/4Runner KING 2.5″ SHOCKS KIT
1 × 25001-125A Rear FJ Performance Shocks Kits (Pair)

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KWD 398.000

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King’s OEM Performance Upgrade Kits provide a bolt-on suspension system that dramatically improves your on and off-road performance. Our kits are designed to maximize wheel control by damping every inch of shock movement in a smooth and calculated manner, allowing the driver to obtain more control over the vehicle. Each kit has been subjected to extensive dynamometer lab testing as well as punishing real-world testing to develop the optimal damping curve for each vehicle. Every kit is hand built in the USA with top-of-the-line materials machined to precise tolerances and assembled by our experienced shock technicians. All King shocks have the ability for custom valve adjustments with simple hand tools and are designed to emulate the performance and tunable design of our high-end race shocks. All of our OEM Performance Upgrade Kits come complete and provide all necessary hardware as well as detailed instructions for installation on your vehicle. Along with the durability to last longer than any factory-equipped option, King Shock’s completely serviceable design allows them to be fully rebuilt after many years of extreme use. See what a difference a set of King Shocks can make on your vehicle. Our experienced shock technicians are always a phone call away to help should any questions arise during installation or use. Nothing rides like a king.

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  • Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2020
  • Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2019
  • Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2018
  • Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2017
  • Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2016
  • Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2015
  • Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2014
  • Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2013
  • Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2012
  • Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2011
  • Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2010
  • Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2009
  • Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2008
  • Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2007
  • Toyota, 4runner, 2003
  • Toyota, 4runner, 2004
  • Toyota, 4runner, 2005
  • Toyota, 4runner, 2006
  • Toyota, 4runner, 2007
  • Toyota, 4runner, 2008
  • Toyota, 4runner, 2009
  • Lexus, GX470, 2003
  • Lexus, GX470, 2004
  • Lexus, GX470, 2005
  • Lexus, GX470, 2006
  • Lexus, GX470, 2007
  • Lexus, GX470, 2008
  • Lexus, GX470, 2009
  • Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2021
  • Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2022
  • Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2023