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KWD 45.000

  • Outer Body: 2.4 inch
  • Extended: 510mm
  • Compressed: 310mm
  • Quantity Required: 2
  • Package Details: Each
KWD 45.000

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Ironman Foam Cell provides the ultimate in 4×4 shock absorber design and features with 50% more oil for cooler running. Exceptional performance for both standard and raised height 4×4’s & superior ride control and comfort both on and off road is what you can expect from these shock absorbers. The shocks, designed by Ironman 4×4 suspension engineers, have been individually made component by component to produce the world’s finest offroad shock absorber. Each and every Ironman shock absorber is force velocity tested before packaging to ensure all parts received are uniform and within operating specification. High quality materials such as German Fuchs High temp shock absorber fluid, Japanese NOK multilip seals are used. Strength and durability requirements are sorted by the use of re-enforced single piece eye rings and stems. Rubber shock absorber bushes are used by Ironman, this is to promote maximum flexibility and reduction in unwanted side load and NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) transmission which often causes seal failures in other brand shock absorbers using Polyurethane.

The Ironman 4×4 Foam Cell features include:
– 40mm piston
– 60mm body
– 18mm piston rod
– Twin tube construction
– Foam cell technology

3 year warranty 300dpi






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  • Toyota, Bundera, 1984
  • Toyota, Bundera, 1985
  • Toyota, Bundera, 1986
  • Toyota, Bundera, 1987
  • Toyota, Bundera, 1988
  • Toyota, Bundera, 1989
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